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Confused about harmony hub and Homey


I'm trying to control my Aircon which is in the living room and 2 other rooms.

I understand the Harmony line of the products is recommended with Homey but I have questions.

If I just buy Harmony Hub, I will get the hub without the remote right? But you can link up Homey to Harmony hub? 

So if I want to issue a command from Google Home it goes Google home -> Homey -> Harmony ? Possible? Wouldn't it be slow?

I also notice you can go from Google home -> Harmony but the intergration is of the "Tell harmony...." type. Is that correct? 

I understand for controlling aircon and TV, it will be using IR, does that mean line of sight is needed? So for example , my harmony hub if placed in living room will be able to control most things in the living room but not the aircon in say another room?

But what if I get harmony companion which comes with a universal remote. If I left the remote in another room would it be able to turn on devices in that room when the hub commands it? Or does the remote only work when human point and press?


  • WillemWillem Member
    edited May 2018

    You can buy a Harmony hub without a remote and connect it to Homey. There is a Harmony app available at

    It is also possible to use IFTTT to work with a Harmony Hub to start a Harmony activity. Check this out!

    The Harmony works with IR, so there must be direct sight to use the Harmony for your TV. Besides the buit-in IR sensor in the Harmony, comes a second IR sensor with a 1.5 meter cable, so you can hide the Harmony in a cabinet if you want. Check first, if there's a Homey app for your brand of TV. In that case Homey could switch directly your TV.
    There are TV apps available for Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG and Panasonic.
  • Yeah I actually can control my LG tv already. 

    It's my air con in the living room that I need to control.

    But it seems I will need to get harmony hub just to control one air con, since I can't teach homey

    Wonder if over kill just to add the harmony hub. I go think Google assistant support of harmony is the inferior "tell harmony to" similar to Homey which saddens me

    Thinking if there are other options. 
  • toonvostoonvos Member
    Remotec zxt-120
  • toonvos said:
    Remotec zxt-120
    What's the pros and cons of this vs harmony? Seems more expensive for less functionality 
  • I'm looking at broadlink rm pro. But there's no homey app for that right?
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