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Changelog homey 1.5.11

I received last night the update 1.5.11 and i am curios what has been fixed, changed or added.

Normally there is a post on the forum with the change log but i cannot find one for this version.

Anyone an idea what is exactly changed/fixed?


  • B3rtB3rt Member
  • This update broke most of my devices such as Klik Aan Klik Uit. So watch out when updating.. Also the App Store is down..
  • JPeJPe Member


    • [Z-Wave] Fixed a communication issue
    • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug where timeouts could occur when a node sent messages out-of-order
    • [Zigbee] Fixed a communication issue
    • [Core] Homey no longer needs a reboot to switch timezones
    • [Core] Fixed a bug that could cause sudden reboots
    • [Core] Fixed a bug that could cause Homey to omit the secondary DNS query while connecting to the cloud 
    • [SDK] Add clock manager

    Note: In some rare cases, 433 and 868 communication may cease to function after installing this update. Disconnecting Homey from the power supply for 30 seconds resolves this.

    Read the Note:  If it's not working with 30 sec. try again waiting 10 minutes

  • Is it me or is this not the best update we've had in a while? I've been experiencing all kinds of strange issues. First my 433/866 microcontroller stopped working. I didn't even know Homey updated. When I started googling through here I found out that cutting power solved that issue and it did.

    Now I'm running into a problem where Homey suddenly claims to see no more lights in my living room, which ran fine a day ago. When I ask Homey to turn them on one by one it works fine. When I ask Homey to turn on all the lights in the livingroom, it replies "I'm sorry but I have no lights in that room".

    Anyone else experiencing issues?
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