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Ikea bulb not adding anymore

B3rtB3rt Member
I removed an ikea bulb because it was not reqonized anymore.

I want to re-add it and removed/reset it.

When i start the process for adding a new device i choose ikea app and correct bulp type.
It displays turn bulb off and on again, i do this and then homey reports: adding device.

This is all what is halleping, after a while i get a messag no zigbee device found.

I did the following:
- reset bulb procedure (6 times on/off) about 100 times allready
- rebooted homet twice
- left bulb for several hours off power etc..
- try add  new zigbee device instead of add new ikea device

All efforts had no effect, when i try to add it again it immidiatly displays 'adding new device' and after a while 'no zigbee devices found'.

Has anyone an idea what i am doing wrong or what is is happening here?


  • Well, there is something wrong yes: Making several topics about the same issue.
    This one is closed. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me.
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