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Forest Shuttle Status not send?

I'm having my curtains hanging on 2 Forest Shuttle rails. When the temperature, measured by a thermometer connected to a Homewizard (looking to replace this soon) goes above 22 degrees, the curtains close, blocking sunlight from the room, hopefully keeping the room from heating up.

This works great, if i'm not opening them again. If i open them by hand, they will not be closed again.

In the app, i see that the status is not updated if opening them by hand. Don't the rails submit their status back to homey in this case? Or did i just program the flow wrong? I'm fairly new to this.


  • Peet91Peet91 Member
    That's right, if you open them by hand the status is not changed in Homey. The flows are correct.
  • JPeJPe Member
    just remove the "is geopend" cards should do the trick...
  • JPe said:
    just remove the "is geopend" cards should do the trick...
    If only all things in life were this easy.
    I just had to remove the talking bit. We would get a little crazy if Homey would start talking every 15 minutes
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