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Aqara wall switch issues

I have two wall double switches right next to each other and have had range problems before when i had three in line.
Removed one and the other two now work, don't understand why ?

Recent problem is that there is an PIR outside the back door and when triggered i want it to turn on the outside light connected to one of the switches.

The first time i tried this, the switch next to it activated and turned on an internal light.
I checked the Flow and it is right.
I checked i can turn the correct switch on and off from within the devices menu in Homey, i can, no problems.

Thought there may be some address conflict (clutching at straws) so unpaired and then repaired and because that made no difference I then changed the unit completely, for a new switch. No change, when the flow tries to trigger the correct switch, the incorrect switch triggers.

Totally confused and checked everything many times, it all appears right !

Anyone else see this, or any hints on how to work out what is going on ?



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