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Zigbee tradfri

Zigbee light controlled via both Homey and wall switch

I seem to struggle to get the following though out/working:
I bought an Ikea Tradfri zigbee GU10 spot and mounted it in the toilet. I can pair it to Homey and control it (if switched on).

What I want to achieve is the following:
* control the light with homey so that (simple to make with the light having power)
     A. at sundown lower the light intensity to 10% (so that when my kid goes to the toilet at night it is not blinded by the light and can't sleep afterwards)
     B. at some point in the morning return the light intensity to 90%.
* switch the light on/off via the (regular) wall switch (it will then go to the pre-set intensity)
With the Tradfri lamp switched off I cannot achieve this. Homey does recognize a state change (on/off) via the wall mounted switch, so no option for a trigger there...
It would need permanent power to do so (?).

I'm looking into what options I have to either add something behind the wall mounted switch or replace the switch (without going over the top for spending money). Maybe Xiamio Aqara?
Any (other) ideas are welcome.



  • ZignatureZignature Member
    edited June 2018
    I think you need a light switch that supports Zigbee or WiFi which can be paired with Homey too.
    Such a switch would be able to turn off the light without cutting it from power.
    Aqara wireless switch would do the trick I think. You can get it cheap from AliExpress
  • Its much easier to ditch the ikea bulb and control normal bulbs with a wired wall switch which replaces your existing tradtional switch. Like a Xiaomi Wired wall switch.

    The example from Zignature neglects to consider how you're going to deal with the existing hardwired switch. Which out of experience I can promise you will still get pressed by guests. 

    If you love your traditional switch aesthetics you can put a fibaro light controller behind it. But these are $$$ compared to the Xiaomi or RF Light switches available.
  • Do I understand correctly that ordinary bulbs can be controlled by Homey when an Aqara wall switch is installed?

    Would you be able to turn on the light via Homey when it's turned off by the switch?

    I'm a recent Homey owner and I am looking for such a solution.
  • I haven't looked at the forum for a while and now see there are a few responses. Woohoo.

    I had also stumbled upon the Xiaomi Aqara wired switch (as @tyfairclough mentioned), though what stopped me from buying it was that it has a square back and in Europe (NL) we round boxes.
    This blogpost confirmed my fear of that...
    Another (small) drawback would be that you cannot dim the lights with this switch.

    I had also found the Sonoff T1 EU (, though I read there are challenges with using these (solder wires, flash firmware, use MQTT) with Homey...

  • The square back is what's keeping me from buying too.

    Z-wave switches/dimmers would also work but I want to extend my Zigbee network...
  • ZignatureZignature Member
    edited July 2018
    NEO COOLCAM Z-wave plus 1CH EU Wall Light Switch Home Automation ZWave Wireless Smart Remote Control Light Switch

  • NEO Coolcam Smart Home Z-Wave 2CH EU Wall Switch Sensor Compatible with Z-wave 300 series and 500 series Home Automation

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