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Z-Wave unreliable in the Homey device (think twice)

I have bought the homey weeks ago, and works nicely. Unfortunately, after a power outage, the device went online again but Z-wave does not work anymore. Athom told me - after analyzing the logs - nothing is wrong. But all investment of Z-wave component can not be used. Z-wave is very unreliable in combination with homey, while ZigBee and radio of KaKu works nicely. I have test

I have test the z-wave components to a z-wave bridge of a friend to determine if they are still working (have have wired and wireless components) and all could connect to that bridge as a charm. So it is really the homey. Struggling for weeks nog, without he;lpfull support of Athom.


  • What firmware are you using? 
    As confirmed in the latest blog they are aware of issues. Do you operate a bigger Z-Wave network?

    There is also a fix for a certain communication and reliability issue in the latest experimental firmware. 
  • RemcoRemco Member
    The homey is send back to Athom and they checked it. Upgrade the firmware and confirmed al is working.
    just receive the homey back, but no change to get the sit working. All Fibaro components still cannot paied
    with Homey. 
  • DenWDenW Member
    Did you get it working?
    Try excluding (unpair) a device from the network and then including it again. 
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