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HUE Fibaro

How to? -> Creating flow with Fibaro Multisensor, Fibaro Switch and Philips Hue

Bjorn90Bjorn90 Member
edited May 2018 in Questions & Help

Hi all, I’v got a question about making a flow for the toilet.

I’ve got in the toilet: 1x Fibaro Multisensor, 1x Philips Hue light, 1x Fibaro switch (which switches the fan).

If I walk into the toilet right now, the lamp switches on. And the fibaro switch (fan) goes on after 2 minutes.

But…. I would like to have this: If someone walks into the toilet, the lamp has to go on for 3 minutes. If the sensor detects movement after 2 minutes, the fan (fibaro switch) has to switch on and stay on for 5 minutes.

Can anyone help me to create the right flows?



  • WillemWillem Member
    You could try using the Countdown app ( hourglass ) for this. If movement seen by your Fibaro sensor, you start the countdown over and over again by flipping the hourglass. If no movement for a certain amount of time, the counter will reach zero and the lights go out. 
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