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Flows HUE

Setting up a flow wit nest protect and Philips Hue

BluesyBluesy Member
edited April 2018 in Questions & Help
Hi all, being new with the Homey and moving from my Vera (that was way to buggy) im happy to say this seems a lot simpler and flexible (after getting my devices unpaired and then paired here), but im trying to create a flow and need a little inspiration/help to get it done

When my nest detects a smoke i want it to flash a Specific philips hue lamp in orange until the smoke is cleared and when cleared i want it to go back to its original state, on/off and color

So far i got a flow where to nest sends a smoke alarm, the Hue turns orange and flashes for a short while (done with 2 blink the light long)

But i want it to stay on until the alarm is cleared or canceled on the Nest and when cleared or canceled i want it to return to the original state.

Anyone who can help with this one? as i want a visual alarm for when it is needed.


  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited April 2018
    Many examples available on the forum with different case but same solutions but you can do: 

    Flow 1: Triggered by alarm -> Then set light orange or use set variable alarm true
    Flow 2: Triggerd by alarm off -> then set light white or use set variable alarm false
    Flow with variable 1  (optional) Triggerd by change variable alarm true -> Then set light orange
    Flow with variable 2  (optional) Triggered by change variable alarm false -> Then set light white

    Benefit of using variables you can re-use the flows :) 

  • BluesyBluesy Member
    edited May 2018
    Im testing this flow, it should only run when a smoke alarm is on and the Hue is on, and consists of several flows now.

    But when i press test it runs the flow no matter if the Hue lamp is one or off, is this just the way the Flow testing works, or am i missing something?

    When testing a flow where another flow should also run, is there a way to test such a series of flows? for me it seems like they don't start each other during tests

  • BluesyBluesy Member
    After some time i found the reason, i changed this flow and started it in the original flow instead (lots of learning)
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