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just run a flow once a day or per half a day

I have an issue I can't find the solution for (and it might have a simple solution)

I have a flow for 'Lights on' based on a trigger 'brightness is changed...'
To activate the trigger I use a Hue motion detection sensor and when at night the brightness change and droppes below 100lux another flow will be activated. After the flow end it will de-activated.
But..... the brightness will keep on changing untill it is completely dark (0 lux). So each time the flow is de-activated it will be activated again and start the flow over and over again (what is funny because the brightness of the Hue light will start at 0% and increases per 5 min with 10% and after 20 min the flow will be activated again starting the brightness of the light starting from 0%....untill it is completely dark)

In other words.... How can I active a Hue spot to start from 0% to ... xX% on brightness, without having it start over and over again


  • rickprickp Member
    If flow has run set Bolaen true. After 12 /24 hours set to false.

    Then include in the "and" boolean= false. 

    Then the flow will not run for another x hours  

    *Bolaen comes with the better logic app

  • This was a great suggestion.

    I now have a flow which checks if the brightness changes AFTER sunset and below lux=150 and boolean=false. If this flows meets all the requirements another flow will start (Lights on, britghness = 10% etc) but before the flow starts with the lights I set the boolean=true.
    I have another flow which turn off the lights when I go to sleep and I included in this flow the boolean=false option

    Works like a charm..
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