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Google home question


I want sound throughout my entire home, first I thought of Sonos, but now Google Home seems the better choice because that way I could also talk to homey in all of those rooms. At least, if I understand it all correctly. I do have some questions I hope someone knows the answers for:

1. Is Athom indeed working on full google home integration so you soon don't have to "ask google to ask homey" but can talk to homey directly via the google home speakers? Any ETA on this release?

2. Will Homey also respond back to the google home speaker(s)? So if I tell google home: "Turn off all lights", will it respond with something like: "I have turned off all the lights"? 

3. Will Homey support multiple google home speakers and respond to each speaker? Could homey also stream audio to some/all of the google speakers at the same time? 

4. I have a QNAP NAS with all my music stored on it. Would it be possible to ask the google home device to stream music from there? (with or without using Homey in between to automate the process?). QNAP is supporting the IFTTT agent.

Hope someone knows, would be really cool if we could soon talk to homey efficiently in all rooms. Google home is supporting Dutch soon as well.


  • Would be nice to have these futures. the future i'm waiting on the most is a good backup function. This way and only this way i'm going to upgrade my firmware. Maybe next year....
  • samuelcoxsamuelcox Member
    edited May 2018
    Have you solved this problem? Because I have the same one with my sizzling hot deluxe free play project and I can't find the solution for it
  • Yes I came into this knowing you didn't have full Google home intergration and you had to say ok google tell homey..

    But now I have it I realise it's not ideal even with Google shortcuts. Besides the complicated of adding dozens of shortcuts, it's slower and you don't get the devices listed In Google app.

    Last week Google turned on unlimited routines. I realised it doesn't work with Google shortcuts.

    But I get a sense this intergration isn't a high priority as most people prefer echo here or have other higher priority wants.

    Sad for me since I'm all in Google

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