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Presence problem after router swap


i replaced my home router and brought my old router to my workplace. Did a reset to the router, changed wifi names and so on to integreate it to my work network. Now the strange this is, that when i leave home, homey registers that i went away but when i arrive at work homey detects that im home again. It takes a few minutes until it detects that i actually aint at home.

Any ideas how to get rid of this? I presume it has something to do with my routers mac address or something like that because that is basicly the only thing that didnt change after system reset. 


  • laurkaarnalaurkaarna Member
    edited May 2018
    Just for future reference, this issue kind of resolved itself. Today i noticed i dont have to disconnect my work wifi. Not sure if a router or phone reboot resolved this. 
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