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Venetian blinds

Hi, I am transitioning from the Fibaro HCL to the Athom Homey. I added most of my devices to the Homey easily but I have issues with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 that controls my Venetian Blinds. 

Is there anyway to control the tilt of the lamella on the Homey (akin to the Fibaro)? Currently, the only way to do it is to trigger either up or down and quickly pressing either down or up. It's a rather haphazard method and doesn't allow me to adjust the tilt specifically.

Grateful to get some advice!


  • viktorviktor Member
    edited April 2018
    Try with this raw parameters: 

    The last one is for new calibration, you must calibrate new. If is not calibrating ,change parameter 29 to 0: 29,1,0
    and then to 29,1,1

    when is working, you can play with parameter 12: 12,2,90 or 12,2,150 or etc...
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