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Z-Wave HUE

How to use ZHC5010 to set brightness on Philips hue lights

shosho500shosho500 Member
edited April 2018 in Questions & Help

I am new to Homey and am trying to build my smart home around it.

I bought one ZHC5010 because it integrates nicely in my current installation. I have configured flows for on/off and am now looking to configure flows for setting the brightness of the lights when buttons are pressed and held down, like Hues own dimming controllers.

I  cant seem to set this up in an easy way but maybe I am missing something.

Has anyone maybe done this already that can point me in the right direction?

Much appreciatied :)


  • There are posts by me, both in this forum and about this exact issue.

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  • Cbh has some great posts on the same subject.

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