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Warema Rolling Shutter - help needed

MaxSBMaxSB Member
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Hello everyone, 
quite a new user to Homey and I have to learn a lot. My main goal is to automate my rolling shutters from Warema, I have a remote control with 2,4 Ghz and a smartphone app which also controls the shutters. How would you go on with your analysis? Should I try to monitor my wifi with wireshark to record the instructions? How could I enter these instructions into homey? Is it even possible? Sorry for the newbie question, I checked the FAQ and searched the forums but couldn't find anything. Thanks for any advice! Max


  • MaxSBMaxSB Member
    I played around today with the Warema Webcontrol, which is an own hardware device which enables you to control the shutters via the Warema Apps for Android or via Browser. I checked the Webcontrol via Google Chrome in Developer mode and was able to see the Javascript elements. Is there any chance to use this to create a Warema app for homey, maybe with Homeyscript? My problem is that I only have limited programming skills, I understand some code but only parts of it.
    Is anyone willing to have a look at the Javascript and give me some start help?

    Another idea: record the remote signal from the 2,4 Ghz remote and repeat it via homey (if possible, maybe with an external module). 

    Last idea: buy Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 for each Shutter (expensive and somewhat overkil, as the shutters are already reachable via remote or App)

    I already contacted Warema, they don't have any plans to create an App for Homey and their API is not open.
    Athom hasn't any plans for Warema also.

    Thanks for any reply!

  • lasper2lasper2 Member
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  • MaxSBMaxSB Member
    @lasper2: appreciate your reply, but to be honest I don't see how this would help me to generate an application for homey? It seems to be for iOS? maybe I'm missing your point here..
  • BramBram Member
    @MaxSB I think its spam, so I will remove the post from him
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