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What devices should I use?

Hi All,

I have a relatively large house with a lot of walls and I would like to automate the @ out of it. Reading this forum and some other sites I believe you should pick one technology with mesh network capabilities (so either Z-Wave or Zigbee) and stick to that so you can focus upon creating the most reliable network with that protocol.

Philips Hue seems market leader when it comes to lights, so ZigBee would be preferable, but most other devices seem to run only Z-Wave. There are ZigBee motion sensors (, but all the "talks with Homey" sensors are Z-Wave based. 

There are ZigBee wall switches (, but again, all of the "talks with Homey" sensors are Z-Wave based. Same with the switches and the dimmers.

I'd also like to stick to one vendor as much as possible (because installing multiple apps to support multiple vendors could get me to the maximum apps on Homey). I've also read that some ZigBee features are not yet "enabled" within Homey so a lot of those devices can't even be supported.

Could you advise on a complete range of ZigBee products fully compatible with Homey so I could use that in order to build the best automated home? I don't want to place multiple ZigBee and Z-Wave plugs throughout the house only just to get both those networks stable. I could do without those plugs while using Hue lights (acting as Zigbee repeaters). 


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