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energy meters Homey compliant

It seams that recently the issue of energy meters, both instantaneous and overall, has been tackled by many zwave device producers and some of them are even compliant with Homey

I wonder anybody has experience to understand the degree of integration of the information provided with Homey controller
I think it is also useful that the energy device can monitor more than one supply in case one wants to follow the overall and a single supply separately (ovens or high power draining devices)

thanks a lot for any contribution


  • I use the enelogic app with a youless LS120 device for the main meter. It gets the power, gas and water meters.

    Furthermore, for individual socket metering I use a bunch of plugwise circles, which I already had before Homey. Now that I got Homey, I added AeonLabs Switch 6 Z-wave socket switches/monitors. This is zwave plus and works fine for me.
  • thanks a lot gruijter_dev
    I wonder there is also any suggestion for non dutch speaking people

    That's often a problem with Homey and its compatible devices, i.e. that it is very much centered on the Netherland's production and, as in the case of youless, without any explanation in english
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