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How to use tags

I'm having trouble getting dropped tags to stick.

In the intro video here, at about 1:11, he drags and drops a tag & it just sticks. 

When I do it I mostly get a no entry symbol.  Sometimes it goes to  plus symbol but when I drop it, the tag isn't there. What am I doing wrong?  Is there a knack to aligning it to just a specific place?


  • Just be patient with the dropping of the tag. Try again and u will do it!
  • yemoHyemoH Member
    I had some trouble as well in the beginning. You have to hover exactly over the empty space and wait for the small plus and release the mouse button in a nano second.  Sometimes you have to wait a while before the plus appears, then I got bored and forgot to release the mouse button fast enough. I don't think the plus will show a second time, you have to start from the beginning. I had a few flows with many tags and once you know the trick it becomes easy.
  • k1sk1s Member
    Thanks I'll keep trying - [why so fiddly?]
  • Why give up so easaly? U can do it m8.
  • k1sk1s Member
    Why give up so easaly? U can do it m8.
    Lol! that's funny, I tried 30 or more times, even zooming in the screen, and using the web UI as well as the app.  I already invested 8 man days into getting some very basic stuff up and running.  I don't think I give up easy, but it's become apparent this product not for the everyday person, just programming enthusiasts.  It's lucky this community board is full of them, because the published support is so thin and official support so slow to respond.
  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited April 2018
    Ditch the app, just use Chrome.
    And don't zoom in. Just full screen will do.
  • k1sk1s Member
    Ditch the app, just use Chrome.
    Thanks, I will even though it says "Browsers not supported" [for some reason]
  • Just look at the bright side: ur gonna be so happy when u managed it!
  • k1sk1s Member
    This is what I mean:

  • Just try some patience. Drag it into the card and wait a few seconds. 
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    I do recognize this issue, it is MOST irritating. I already have quite some issues with RSI in my arm/hand; this is a real PITA!

    But, what I found finally, use the phone app for adding tags. I know it is stupid having to use 2 devices to create a (simple) flow but it brings results instead of RSI complaints.
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