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You don't have access to any homeys


While trying to access some insights stats over the weekend, my OSX homey app crashed and as a result of the crash, I can't access my homey anymore using my computer. When I try to access it, I get the error message " You don't have access to any homeys" ...

Using the preview android app is still working although "insights" result in a hanging app ...

Any idea how to solve this issue ? Homey is still working .. just can't configure it anymore which is slightly inconvenient ...

Tnx for your advice



  • Forget the App,
    use Chrome and log on to from the browser. 

    Use the correct Account
    (not Forum but from ) as that is the only way to acces your Homey. 

    If that doesn't work you should contact Athom support (preferably by E-mail bottom of the page)
  • Thanks Geurt ! Will have to contact support Br, yvo

  • Got my Homey yesterday and did some testing (adding devices and flows). Had to reboot my router (unrelated issue) and after that I can't acces my Homey. The Homey itself is still working. One thing I can imagine: I had 2 user accounts with the same name but with different emails. Deleted one. Might that be the problem? I hate resetting, because of all the work to be done.
  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited April 2018
    The answer was already on the forum, not that long ago.
  • Did see that posting and tried the solution. No luck. Mailed to support, but started a parallel (hopefully quicker) traject, this forum.
    Thanks anyhow.
  • Just want to be sure that a complete factory reset would be the only option. Not my first wish, but if it's the only solution ......
  • In exceptional cases, Homey appears to have been removed if users invite an extra user and performed the accept invitation when the owner was logged on.

    For this purpose, a Fix has been rolled out (in the Cloud) by Athom and tested to prevent this problem. If it happened you and Athom detects it they will contact you. 

    For more information and if it happened you please contact
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