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Fibaro Dimmer2 w. Bypass2 not dimming

taminotamino Member
edited April 2018 in Archive

I've just got my homey and installed a cuple of Fibaro Dimmer 2s. All of them are working as intended, except one.! 

The dimmer in question is in my living room, connected to a LED fixture. And i've also connected a Bypass2 so the fixture should be dimmable.

The driver is a belid dimmable driver.

When i do a "Auto-Calibrate with bypass", the light dimms just fine, going through the process.. 
After the calibration is done I cant dim it! When i try it turns off instead.

Is this something anyone seen before? I'm getting frustrated, thats for sure..

I've checked the settings in between the working dimmers, and it seems to be OK.

When reading the manual i saw this:
"32. On/Off mode This mode is necessary while connecting non-dimmable light sources. Setting this parameter to 1 automatically ignores brightening/ dimming time settings. Forced auto-calibration will set this parameter’s value to 2. "

Is there any way of reading all values from the dimmer?



  • The problem solved itself.. 

    When i tried another Forced Auto Calibration.. And now it dimmes beautifully... (this was the 5th time I did the exact same thing..
  • Ok nice. Gonna close this topic because it looks like it's solved. If u want to re-open this topic plz send me or any other moderator a PM.
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