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Links: Athom websites and user accounts

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Links: Athom websites and user accounts

The Community:
You! Me! We! people all over the World (from the first Kickstarter release) and to reach these people a big part of the forum and on Slack is in English.
For an overview of other Homey Communities see: 
For the Forum the bug tracking system (Github) and Chat (Slack) you need to create a separate account (username/password) if you wish to participate with the community. 
The Store (WebShop), your Homey, the App Store, the mobile App (on Android or Apple iOS ) , etc. work with one Athom Account (created at You should create separate accounts for all family members using a mobile device.

Logging in to your Homey
You always have to logon to use Homey but the browser can cache this. If connecting to the cached (local) IP address of your Homey fails first log in to the portal! This also connects you to the correct Cloud ID or local IP address in case that changed.
Your Homeys, Phones, App Store and Account settings can be found here.

Status of Athom's Cloud Infrastructure
To check if everything at Athom's cloud is running smooth, before asking for help if one of the functions (fe App Store, Setup, Speech to Text, Alexa, etc.) suddenly doesn't work. If Status isn't [Operational] for one of them Athom employees are already informed, investigating or working on a solution.

The Forum (Where you are Probably reading this)
For All your questions regarding Homey and Domotica to the Community!
If you have hidden one of the categories use this link to activate all topics again:

Whats New in Homey
Major updates are announced in a splash screen when you log in to Homey  after it updated. Check this site if you want to know the WhatsNew of the past update (or sometimes a upcoming update, maybe not yet released to stable) here:

Updates of Homey software
Default Homey installs the latest updates automatically, Fixes for reported issues and small updates are reported here:

Reporting Bugs about Homey and Homey's Apps
Athom uses Github to publish Apps and develop Apps with the community. 
You can freely review reported bugs about Homey here:
For Apps the specific Bug tracker can be found in the App Store at the App description. If you would like to participate in reporting Bugs you should create a account at GitHub by Signing up here  
please read the FAQ section about creating usefull Bug reports and Feature Requests

Athoms Slack channels
Athom uses Slack as a chat channel with the community. Get your invite by entering your email address here and register for an Slack account. Login and join the conversation here: 

Request to Add support for NEW devices
Request for support of new devices can be done in a Form:
Depending on many factors (popularity, availability of API's and documentation , resources (time) needed, etc.) Athom will possibly add support cq create an App to support the requested devices.

Developer Documentation and Tools for Homey
If you want to read anything about how to program Apps for Homey or use the Web API:

Athom Alpha Tester Program
The purpose of this program is to give developers a chance to adjust their Apps to the latest firmware, before the firmware is released. It is important to be aware of the fact that the updates you will be receiving are very experimental, receive very limited QA testing and can possibly brick your Homey. Therefore it is not recommended to use the AATP updates on a Homey that you are heavily dependent on. It is always possible to unsubscribe from this channel and revert back to the Experimental channel.

Athom's public timeline on Trello 
Athom uses Trello to keep an overview of who is working on what and what is finished.
(imho this is sometimes out-dated, don't expect much news here )

You can view here:  
To vote/like and comment on the cards create an personal Trello account here ]

Athom also got a ot of Questions so these are answered here on Trello:
Temporary board for inventory devices  for developing New Apps for Telldus and Nexa 

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