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Latest update device


I have searched the forum, but can't find it.

Where can I find the time stamp of the last update of a device.
For example, when was the temperature updated?

Many thanks in advance,



  • Good be wrong but for as i know there isnt
  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited April 2018
    There is no option for that in the user interface, 
    you can however trigger on an update and create a Fllow to do something (Store current time in a variable)
    It is possible to request device properties in it in an app and this object has a property lastUpdated with the time/date.

    or use HomeyScript to do something:

    // get the Latest Update timestamp for all your devices.
    let devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices();
    _( devices ).forEach( function(device) {
    log (, device.lastUpdated)
    } )
    with as output fe : 
    Homey {}
    Berlioz { measure_temperature: '2018-04-06T15:22:04.045Z',
      measure_co2: '2018-04-06T15:22:04.047Z',
      measure_humidity: '2018-04-06T15:22:04.082Z',
      measure_noise: '2018-04-06T15:22:04.088Z',
      measure_pressure: '2018-04-06T15:22:04.105Z' }
    HomeAutomation { onoff: '2018-04-06T15:20:50.046Z' }
    Screen75PctBF { onoff: '2018-04-06T15:20:50.048Z' }
    SamsungTV {}

  • rvowrvow Member
    if I understand your question correctly, you can do that with the Homey Logger app. That only works for diagnostic purposes in realtime, but it gives an idea on device update frequencies
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