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Next step?


Im super happy wth my Homey. Today we control all the rooms lights with motionsensors, i can watch the energy used by waterheather, aircon, I can see temp in dif rooms, if a door is open, play music when i shower, home alarm (notifications), turn off all lights when going to bed and so on.  Super "simple" flows like if a door is open more then 5 mins, turn of the AC.

What im missing is to control my tvs, I have 3 apple TVs, would like to be able to turn those at night. How can i do that? I dont wanna use a smart plug .

I want a alarm panel, anyone checked popp new z-wave panel out? Will it work with homey? Or do I need to custom build a panel?

I have been trying to invite my wife to use the "HomeKit" with no luck, will this improve?


  • 2Be2Be Member
    For my apple tv I use a Harmony Hub. 

    Maybe use Homeyda.sh on a tablet with code panel for Heimdall? 
  • rickprickp Member
    Why would you want a code panel if the alarm can be controlled by precense 
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