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Please help me encode my 433 mhz signal.

ErikJErikJ Member
edited April 2018 in Devices
Hello everyone!

I am compleetly new to the adventures of the SDR-world. All of my very limited knowledge i have gotten from forums / youtube.

I realeze there are a few help topics out there on how to decode a captured 433 mhz signal, but somehow the examples i find are not really something i can compare my findings with. Any help or suggestions to a nice learning website would be greatly appreciated.

I have captured two signals from my 433 mhz remote. This remote controlls a motor for rising / lowering a sunblind. The first signal is lowering the sunblind, followed by a pause, followed by the signal for rising the sunblind.

Somehow my signal seems longer and more complex than most examples i find.

It would be very much appreciated if someone could decode it for me and EXPLAIN how they did it, in extreemly basic manners. What one must look for and some tips / tricks.

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry if this post already exists.!  <---- Wav file downloadable

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