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Prevent double use of configured actions/buttons

bthavebthave Member
edited April 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions
I have multiple buttons available by multiple techniques (Z-Wave/RF/IR/Zigbee etc).
As I'm building multiple flows to get triggered by buttons, I can't always remember whether I've already used the same button in another Flow.
I'd realy like Athom to think with me on the following:
If I want to Save a Flow - I'd like the Homey-system to check if the Action-trigger has already been assigned in another Flow. And if so - I want to get a pop-up message with the Flow-name which contains the exact same trigger.
It would be even better in such case to have the option to save the new Flow in "Disabled" mode so I can make appropriate changes.

As a side-effect, I would like some kind of View in which I select any Device, and get a list of Flows to which the device is assigned to (and per which trigger/key/button).


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