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[Help] Need a developer for medion radio playee

gdroosgdroos Member
edited April 9 in Developers
I am new to the homey community and have no experience with coding but I want to learn. However first I would like to implement all my devices. Currently my medion radio player is not supported but I found some nodejs coding on Github. Can somebody transfer this to a homey app?



  • VleegeVleege Member
    I guess that if someone is willing to give you some details in how to use the right http commands you could you the HTTP Request flow cards app to start with on your own.
    If I could I would help you along the way but I don't know that much about json requests but the github files seem to have all the information you just need to put them in the right order in the app I mentioned.
  • VleegeVleege Member
    edited April 9
    P.S. edit your post title so it describes what you would like to achieve.
    Something like "[APP help / HTTP REQ] help Medion wifi radio" could do the trick so your post gets the attention of people with knowledge of the subject.
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