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Looking for beta testers: HomeyScripts to Backup and Restore devices

Hi, I am looking for beta testers for HomeyScripts to backup and restore devices on Homey. 

Anyone interested? 
  • having a second Homey you can reset to test your restores;
  • not afraid of HomeyScript;
  • ability to backup and restore flowes with FlowsBackup
  • some devices on your primary Homey to test with (not Z-Wave and not Zigbee) 
  • ability to test devices  and Flows on second Homey
  • not afraid to reset your second/test-Homey to default if anything goes wrong...
  • willing to share results, eventually your Flows Backup to debug Issues. 

I have done some basic testing and could easily restore the KAKU and HomeyEasy and even MiFlora devices!

I have not  yet updated the Flows with the restored devices  after restore but that should not be a big problem, 

this wil NOT work for Z-Wave and Zigbee, you don't have to ask, just wait for Homey 2.0!!

This is just to get an idea who is interested or maybe already working with  such scripts and could help test the scripts as I don't have all devices and want to know what other devices it works for and what devices it cant restore.

Please msg me here, be sure to join Slack and contact me on Slack!
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