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Adding ZWave devices Secure

Hi there, I'm a new user to the Homey.
I'm playing around with the Homey first before I set all my devices over.

I like to add the ZWave devices secure, but I don't have the option for this.
After adding I look at the Node Informatie -> Secure - No.

How to do this / change this to secure?


  • Can u also add what type of devices u are adding?
  • Currently a Neo Coolcam Doorsensor and a Neo Coolcam Powerplug.
  • And ur sure the devices are Zwave+?
  • @htilburgs they might be Z-wave plus, but do not support being added secure (device limitation).
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited March 2018
    neo is zwave plus and secure. but since its china the dont support the already unsecure AES encryption because china doesnt want NSA backdoor encryption. Homey doesnt seem to use the other secure standards or at least doesnt show it as secure. 
    Ive asked a few times but never got a answer on is it secure on the other standards or homey only shows insecure because it doesnt see AES or doesnt homey support the other secure standards .

    Since the chip handles it i guess its added secure but homey just doesnt show it on the info.

  • Ok, so when I add my Fibaro Dimmers (ZWave+) than they should be included Secured?
    Going to try.
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