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Flow support needed for Central Ventilation Unit multiple triggers

Hi, I have now since 3 weeks my own Homey and I think it has great potential (but looking at this forum, I'm not the only one p).
For my the Central Ventilation solution is the next step and I'm not sure how to set up, although I have it in my head B

I have replaced the ACM-3500-3 from KaKu with the Fibaro FGS-223 (double switch2).
The unit is alway on (L1 fixed) and L2 and L3 are switch on/off to get the mid/high option.
This works as designed.

Now I need to create the flows (I used to have a complex blockly diagram in Domoticz, but I can't copy it 1on1 into Flows) and here I need your help/guidance.

First the variables:
In the bathroom there is a dryer. The dryer is connected to a powerplug from Fibaro. This way I can monitor when the dryer is in use or not in use
Also there is a temp/humidity sensor in the bathroom to monitor somebody is taking a shower
And there the factor time, because the ventilation unit is placed in a closet on a bedroom, so I need to switch it to the low position during the evening night

So the first Flows are simple
A) When time is between 7am and 8pm during weekday switch to position 2 (Q1 on FGS-223) else Q1 and Q2 are switched off
B When time is between 9am and 9pm during weekends switch to position 2 (Q1 on FGS-223) else Q1 and Q2 are switched off

Now for me the hardest parts:
- when dryer is on, the unit needs to switch to the highest position during the day (depending on weekdays of weekend)
(Q2) and at night or in the evening to Q1
- when someone is taking a shower and the humidity has a delta of 2% within time x the same steps needs to happen as with the dryer.

- When the dryer has stopped the unit must return to mid or low depending on the time of day (after 30 minutes or so).
- When someone is taking a shower the unit also must return to mid or low depending on time of day.

The issue I'm thinking of is the combination of the dryer and the humidity or time. So when somebody is taking a shower and the dryer is on.... Or the dryer is on and time is changing to lower position....what is the correct trigger to work with....

Any help is welcome and I'll maybe buy you a beer :)

(I do question myself if this is the correct setup with the FGS-223.... in theory both switches can be on at the same time which is not wanted.... Only Q1 or Q2 must be switched on.... not both.... is this something which can be build into the flows by using virtual switches or is the FGS-223 not the correct Fibaro switch?)


  • CarosCaros Member
    Hi @NoClaim,

    I have a kind of simular setup, but I'm using the relay switch. But I also have 3 options. 
    Lowest: Q1 is off and Q2 is off
    Middle: Q1 is on and Q2 is off
    High: Q1 is off and Q2 is on

    I have multiple conditions:
    - Default is 'Lowest', only when someone is at home
    - When humidity in the shower is above 70%, turn on 'High'
    - When someone is cooking (extractor hood has power usage), turn on 'High'
    - When CO2 value in Livingroom is above threshold, turn on 'Middle'

    I had the same issue you described, I solved it by looking at the value I use least, so the 'Middle' flow. In the middle flow I am only turning this on, when someone is at home, when humidity is below 70% in the shower and there is no power usage from the extractor hood.

    On the flows for 'High' I Always do two things:
    1. Turn off Q1
    2. Turn on Q2

    Hope this will work in your situation as wel.

  • NoClaimNoClaim Member
    edited March 2018
    My knowledge is not that well on electronics, but why should you recommend a relay switch over the 2-way switch?

    First I have created 3 Virtual devices [Button] (low, mid and high).
    Next I have created 3 Flows which represents the Low, Mid and High state of the unit.
    Flow Low --> Q1 and Q2 off
    Flow Mid --> Q2 off and Q1 on (after 2 seconds)
    Flow High --> Q1 off and Q2 on (after 2 seconds)

    Finally I have created 4 flows based on time
    - start 7AM --> during weekdays --> Flow Mid
    - start 8AM --> during weekend --> Flow Mid
    - start 7pm --> during weekdays --> Flow Low
    - start 8pm --> during weekend --> Flow Low

    I can now do a combination of the dryer and the humidity (so 8 more flows), but I was hoping to combine these triggers... not sure if that is possible

    And I need to solve the delta part :-)

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