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I ran into this one. Seems ideal for home automation. Anybody familiar with it?
It has an open api, so integration with Homey should be possible. It can use the cloud but you are not obligated to do so (it works without it but you can not login when you are not on the same network, so no problem when using Homey).

What is it? It is a network of plugs that senses people in the room/house and knows where they are and where they are going. It goes through walls. Even when you sit still for a while it knows you are still there, so better then ir. You don't have to cary anything on you for it to sense you. In the future it wil also have trigger zones. It has an alarm state for when you are not home.

It is not cheap and for now it needs a central hub for every floor. They will update the system so that it can do with one hub for the entire house.

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