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Somfy aansluiten op Homey

ger010ger010 Member
edited March 2018 in Devices

Goeden dag vrinden van de show.

Ik heb vorig jaar nieuwe zonne schermen gekocht met afstandsbediening.

Nu zit ik net te kijken en Homey heeft ondersteuning voor een somfy


Zou dit betekenen dat ik met Homey mijn schermen kan bedienen ?



  • Please write in English or use the Dutch part of the forum, thanks :-)
  • oopsie sorry :)

    Good day friends of the Athom, Homey show!

    ive bought sunscreens that can be operated by remote control.

    I was looking at Homey and it mentions that Somfy controlers are


    So I was thinking would it be possible to let Homey control my screens ?

    Looking for a "reason" to start with homey this would certainly get

    a possitive WAF.

  • That's possible if you have the correct type (check type on the app page). Do you already own a Homey? Then just try it! Remote will still work as well. 
  • Thx remote looks that same, I dont have a Homey yet, hope to get one soon :)

  • Look at the back of your remote; if it says RTS, it should be supported. The IO version is not supported.

    I have used Homey to control my outside Somfy screens for about 2 years now, hasn't failed on me once.
  • Check @jorden will check thx !
  • I checked and it is RTS thx for the help

    this one is solved.

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