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Eurotronic Spirit Z Thermostat - Requesting help / explanation

Hello again guys!

I have successfully installed all my Eurotronic Spirit Z Thermostats and everything seems to be running like a charm.

Now I have 2 somewhat "stupid" questions since I have been using these devices for a while now with and on that platform things were a bit.....erm....different.

I see there are the options of 1) OFF 2) Comfortable 3) Economic 4) Boost 5) Manual.

Can somebody please explain these different modes? I understand the basic principle (Economic might be a lower temperatur etc) but WHERE would I tell homey what the economic temperature is?! And what is Boost? And what is manual? The Eurotronic manual isn't really much help here :/

Next, I know that I can use my other sensors to give the thermostat an external temperature reading. I have created the flows stating that when my fibaro motion sensor notices a temperature change, then it sends it to the thermostat which ist set to "Comfortable". Is this correct?



  • rogierhrogierh Member
    edited March 2018
    1) OFF, do not heat, I believe it keeps a min. of 6 degrees celcius to prevent freezing.
    2) Comfortable - heat to comfort temperature set-point (set via Homey)
    3) Economic - heat to economic temperature set-point (I believe the default is 18 degrees celcius)
    4) Valve fully open for 5 minutes (or earlier if changed by user), then back to previous mode.
    5) Manual - Control Valve opening 0-100% manual via z-wave commands (not sure if this is supported in the Homey app)

    I remember you cannot change the Economic set-point temperature via the Homey App.
    Although my expectation would be when it is in Economic mode, changing the temperature will change the economic set-point. You should ask @caseda to be sure or try this yourself.

    About the manual. Did you read §6.8 of:

    About external thermostat: Be sure to enable "Use external temperature sensor" and make a Homey flow that sends the temperature of the thermostat to the Spirit as soon as the temperature changes.  (Add "when temperature changes" card of the thermostat to the "if" column, add "set room temperature" card of the spirit to the "then" column and drag the #temp tag of the thermostat into the value field of the spirit card.)

    Also make sure you have thermostat / temperature sensor that sends the temperature on a regular basis, not all of them do.
  • For what reason does the option exist to sent the outside temperature to the Spirit?
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited March 2018
    @SJS @rogierh
    You are correct in everything except the economic temperature. 
    Economic temperature is setable with flow cards, but will revert back to 18 degrees as soon as you put it into another mode.

    it is not the outside temperature, but an external temperature sensor.
    to for example use one sensor the middle of the room, or an average of all sensors in the room.
    Which will be more accurate then the one in the thermostatic itself.

    But let's keep these things in the official treath.
  • Thanks!

  • SJSSJS Member
    Thanks for the info! That did clear everything up for me.

    @caseda ;
    How do I send the average room temperature? I have set up the flow cards correctly, but in my kitchen for example I have the two Spirit Z waves that measure the temperature, plus one Aeotec Multisensor and one Fibaro Motion Sensor. Using all these to create an "average" temperature would probably be the most elegant solution.
  • Going to close this topic, as stated before, let's keep it in the official topic.
    will merge this into the official topic soon
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