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Wall switch

jaap115jaap115 Member
edited March 2018 in Devices
Alright here is my situation

I have just bought a house and will be able to move in to it in a few months. The previous owners didn't even have internet which is great for me because now I can now build everything as I want it. I want to build a smart home witch is actually functional and not full of the latest gadgets just "because you can". 

With the lighting I run into the following problem. I've decided to go for smart light (Ikea or Philips). Except for a few places where my girlfriend wants to put "pretty lights". Because lets face it, the smart lights on there own are not good looking at al. She want a few of these above the dining table. So for those I'm going for z-wave dimmers in the wall sockets. Witch is great because you can hook up your original wall switches to them. Witch I can then program as I see fit.

But there are parts in the house where there is no need for z-wave dimmers. Partly because the actual bulb hangs within a light fixture, and partly because there crazy expensive compared to a Ikea Tradfri. Is there a solution for the wall switches.

Here is my list of demands:
- I want to use my original wall switch face (to keep everything in the same style)
- I do not want a switch with batteries (so wired)
- Preferably on z-wave 
- Preferably a double switch
- I need to be able to program the switch

I would like te be able to program different function for the switch.
- short tap
- holding button
- double tap 
- etc

I would love to get some insight from you guys because I've now spend 2 Saturdays researching this with no result that pleases my needs
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