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Action infrared ledstrip

p0ntsp0nts Member
edited December 2015 in Archive


  • This is I think a better link to find infrared led-strip.

  • WilbertWilbert Member
    edited December 2015
    I guess p0nts meens with ir how they are turned on and off. And not the kind of licht they give.
  • Most likely they will, however I have a cheap RGB led strip with IR control (from a Kruidvat store) and it sometimes also responds to my Humax PVR remote (overlapping IR codes?)
  • p0nts said:
    I talked to Emile here about this exact same question. You can see there that I got mine that look exactly the same as the ones you posted (I actually have 3 of them at home now) but I also, just in case bought the one that Emile suggested. Since all of the IR remotes work the same, Right now I have 3 receives and 3 controllers that all work together, and the 433MHz would work separately (so that I can control two different zones out of the 3 LED controllers).
  • i've purchased my led strip with wifi module on this webshop they are bit expensive than the shops above. but they have complete sets with MI Lights WIFI module. the quality is really good! nice colors and very nice warm white light. it is worth to look at it. btw Mi Light have open API
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