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Flow for Sunway roller curtain with Brel motor to intermediate stop

How can I create a command in a flow to "press and hold the stop button" for the Brel remote control during 3 seconds?
The 3 second stop command is to set the curtain to a pre programmed intermediate stop.
Thanks in advance


  • zpperzpper Member
    Want to know this as well, tried with/without pulse, and tried the "go to preference position". All not working :(
    Same for the brel motor app
    @baskiers or @JeroenVollenbrock
    do you know who might look into it? As it's closed source I can't see what is happening and should be happening
  • BramBram Member
    Did some analyzing with @zpper and we found a bug in the current version. We will try to resolve it asap!
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