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Automated Inactivity Switch Off


maybe someone can help me .. come from Zway on the WD.
Finally worked brilliantly and I have some stomach ache now with Homey.
Much is more confusing, just like the log of the devices, etc.
How can you realize that the light z.b. but after a certain time this really goes out after the last sensor message (Fibaro)
 This app was available on the WD - "Automatic Inactivity OFF".


  • Hi, I'm not sure if the doublepost helps double  ;)

    There are 2 ways to do this:
    Add your light to the apropriate assocation group in the fibaro motion sensor , you can define in settings how long after sensor activation your light should be on, and it will turn off after the timeout.
    Create a flow with card "motion alarm turned on" and then/else, if this  do not work as expected use a second flow with "motion alarm turned off" card, this works perfect in my setup. You can add delay for the action "turn off" the light.
    If I don't got your wish, please explain it detailed.

    You can also have a look to this thread, there are a lot of good flow examples for almost every requirement.
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