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My wife's iPhone 7 does not supply home/not home info anymore, and does not receive push messages

Yeah, so, when I was on 1.5.3, this was working. Then I updated to 1.5.8 and instantly, the 'home/away from home' info did not work anymore. The flow I had telling my my wife came home/went away simply stopped working. That means some flows that depend on that information do not work anymore. 

Well, hey, at least other flows, like 'washing machine ready' still are received by iPhone right? Yeah, until yesterday. Today, that has stopped working also. 

She has a homey account. 
That account is present under 'instellingen -> gebruikers' in the Windows app. 
When I create a flow in which I add a flowcart 'send notification', I CAN select her iPhone. 
When I test that flow, it says that it sent the notification, but the iPhone does not receive anything. 

Then I removed the app on the iPhone, and reinstalled it. Did not help. I can still select the phone in flows, but nothing is received. 

How do I fix this? 
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