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Time is one hour behind since 1 months oso

I don't know exactly from which firmware update but since a few weeks the time of Homey is one hour behind.
This means that the coffee machine starts too late, curtain open late, messages from Magister are read after my son left etc.

When I ask Homey: What is the time, Homey responds with 1 hour ago.

I restarted Homey already last weekend which I read in a simular topic, no result still after a few days. Location of Homey is on automatic, and looking at the map this seems alright.


  • If you set the marker on the map to maunal and back on autoamtic it will be solved after a reboot.
  • Yes, that solved it.
    Thanks, Bart
  • Gelukkig heb ik ook nog een wekker ipv dat homey alles doet.
    Homey heeft vannacht besloten n uur achter te gaan lopen.
    Location gecontroleerd en die staat nog steeds manual op mn thuis locatie.
    Wat is er gebeurd? Hoe kan dit? 
  • Please keep it English here @BlitzerNL
    Just check settings sytem for the timezone and if your Homey updated.
    Move the location a bit and see Homey  quick reload/restart.
    Probably then the time is correct.
  • BlitzerNLBlitzerNL Member
    edited March 2018
    OOH oops sorry ;)
    Yes its updated to 158
    Anyway, timezone is related to the location settings in the menu, wich not have changed.
    Move 1 meter and save and reboot fixed it.
    BUT its not what you want right? you automate your home with this and if all goes to shit because homey thinks its not time yet...
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