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What is the best strategy to control curtains and blinds?

I am planning a new build at present, but am a little confused by the ways Homey offers to achieve window covering control. Can anybody advise me: As I understand it I have a two ways of controlling, but there may be more:

  • I can go for a Z-wave option where I embed a Z-wave controller in the wall and use it to control mains operated blinds/curtains. The benefit is that the controllers are stateful, so Homey knows the position of the blind even if it is controlled manually. Homey being position aware seems to be very important
  • I can go 433MHz whereby Homey communicates directly with Somfy/Lightwave/KoKo etc. In this case I'm not so sure that the 433 signal is stateful, so Homey will not necessarily know if blinds are open or closed if they are operated manually.

Any insight gratefully received.


  • I'm also looking for a decent solution to automate my roller blades with Homey. I have 6 windows with electric roller blades. Five of them are operated with manual buttons and one already have a remote control that works on 433 mhz.

    I'm thinking about using Fibaro Roller Shutter 2.

    I also have two electric garage doors from NovoFerm that are also using 433 Mhz ...

    The only thing that I'm afraid of is the range.
  • I'm using a Forest Shuttle for my curtains. Works flawlessly. Using 433 MHz
  • There is a device called slide that can do the thing and will be controllable by homey:
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited March 2018
    There is a device called slide that can do the thing and will be controllable by homey:
    @jorden already has it at home and has released an app in the app store :) I'm as KS backer in the second beta run with 5 units so will report my feedback about slide when they have installed them. I also post every KS update i get in the Slide topic
  • My first two Fibaro Roller Shutters are up and running.
    Now I just need to make some flows ...
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