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Alexa to controle flows

Hi there!

I am quite new to Homey, and I tried to find my aswers in the forum, so I hope I don’t ask something stupid.
I did own an echo dot before Homey with whom I was able to control some lights. 
With the new Homey I installed the Homey skill so now my devices show up again. 

The only thing I cant figure out is how to activate flows? Is it maybe possible to convert a flow to a device, so Alexa can trigger the device while Homey triggers the flow? Or is there an easier solution?

Thanks in advance!



  • You have to make a virtual button in homey that's trigger a flow.
    Then you can ask alexa to turn the virtual button on
  • That's fine too. How do I create a virtual button?
    That's another question I wasn't able to figure out. I can't seem to start a flow, or I don't know why. I can "test" a flow, and it works, but standalone, via app or dashboard, I wasn't able to start a flow.

    Let's take a "go to sleep" flow. What if it is time for bed and I want homey to dimm all lights. How can I activate this? Either via Alexa, Homey speech or a simple button on my phone?
  • you have to install the virtual devices app to make a virtual light. 
    you can use that to activate a flow

  • I tried a lot, but I can't seem to control a flow with a virtual device. Just a group/"modus" but not a specific flow
  • Create a virtual device, make sure you set it as a switch (powersocket, light) as these automatically discovered by alexa, create a new flow which starts with “when switch (virtual device) is turned on” “then turn on device xyz” see screenshot, now you can tell alexa to turn on (virtual device) and it will run the flow, reason form me to turn virtual device off at the end is that it otherwise stays in an on mode
  • Works like a charm, thank you very much :) 
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  • jovinkjovink Member
    edited March 2018
    jeroen_s said:
    I Will try it myself.  

    I have Samsung tv and use the Samsung ir app.
    Without a flow I can ask homey to turn on my tv. 
    So the remote is a “tv” I guess 

    So why wouldn’t be working without the virtual device? 

    Never mind. I know the answer. 
    Tha virtal device is a switch no tv. 

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