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Request to develop an App for ‘Selve’ roller blind engine

JPinBJPinB Member
Dear Community,

I’m posting this request as for ‘Selve’ roller blind engines there is not an app available.

See here for the product site:

And here for additional information:

Frequency used: 868Mhz

And here for the protocol description:

Please let me know whether it is feasible for somebody and/or you have questions or remarks 

Thanks in advance


  • JPeJPe Member
    This is not a description for the RF communication but a description of the communication between a computer and the USB-dongle, the USB-dongle is providing the RF communication to the roller blinds.

    The USB connection can be established by a virtual
    COM port or directly via USB with the corresponding
    Communication parameters:
    USB controller: FTDI FT234XD (USB 2.0)
    USB driver support: FTDI provides a driver for:
    Windows, MAC, Linux, Android
    COM Port Baud Rate: 115.200 baud
    COM Port Data: 8 Bit
    COM Port Parity: none
    COM Port Stop: 1 Bit
    Protocol: via SELVE XML specification

    The Homey unit does not have an USB-slot where the dongle can be put in.
    So you actually need a description of the RF-protocol, for that protocol then someone must make an App for Homey.
    see how the signals can be retrieved.
  • JPinBJPinB Member
    Hello JPe, Thanks for your reaction.
    I’ll study the info of the link.
  • Hello JPinB,

    Have you this app in development? Or is there someone willing to build it?

    Regards Bobby
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