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Need help optimising flows for 3 lights and 4 switches.

Hi! Im beginning to get the hang of using flows to make my home "Smart" but I need help optimising my flows.

I now have 4 switches controlling 3 lights.

3 of these switch each connect to a light. the 4th is a group switch so I can toggle "ALL ON" or "ALL OFF"
So the logic behind my flows is;
If ANY light is on, the 4th switch becomes on.
If all lights are off, 4th switch is off.
If I off the 4th switch, any and all 3 lights goes off.
If all the lights are off and I turn on the 4th switch, all 3 lights are on.

Right now I have 10 flows which I think could be improved but not sure how.

6 for the lights where each LIGHT SWITCH has 2 flows to turn on their Variable to True or False.
2 for the above variables to toggle the 4th switch on and off
and 2 for the forth switch to turn on and off all 3 lights.

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