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KPN Arris VIP2952 V2 HDMI

EddyEddy Member
This month KPN installed a new digital receiver.
I want to use the Homey for IR control of the channel but I couldn't find an app.


  • mveckmveck Member
    Hi @Eddy I am afraid that the remote codes for the Motorola don’t Mach the ones for Arris. The “White” remote KPN is using sends several codes to be useful for all boxes. Best is to post a feature request on Github
  • mveckmveck Member
    Added a request on GIt #2367, see how that is going.
  • anniewoodanniewood Member
    edited April 2018
    mveck, do you know how to solve this problem with Motorola?
  • mveckmveck Member
    edited April 2018
    anniewood said:
    mveck, do you know how to solve such problem with Motorola?
    I was checking several remote control forums, and according to some open source IR communities there is a solution for this. Alas someone with an Arris and coding skills should take a stab at this.

    A starter could be this page:

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