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Web API guidance for a total noob

SliripSlirip Member
edited March 10 in Developers

A total noob need some guidance.. 
I am trying to build a WebApp, I would like to control/monitor specific lights and trigger flows.

I have linked this to my HTML page:
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.athom.com/athom-api/2.0.109/athom-api.min.js"></script>

From the Athom Developer docs. 
async getDevice(opts) → {HomeyAPI.ManagerDevices.Device}
I can´t understand how to implement this to my JavaScript code, if somebody could give an example code snippet or something so that i could get a starting point.



  • swtttswttt Moderator
    The web-api gets binded to the window, e.g. window.AthomAPI.HomeyAPI etc.
    From there on you need to do the authorization, and then you can do the device calls.
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