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Loxone Touch Surface Air, any chance Homey could support this? (868MHz)

I recently and randomly came over Loxone as a system, but especially noticed the "Touch Surface", or "Touch Surface Air" which can run on batteries and wirelessly transmit over 868MHz. I have no other knowledge of this product than the few ads uploaded to YouTube, but it looks like a very interesting product!

In short it's a 6-way capacitive button you can put under/behind any surface less than 30mm, and they are illustrating the product on kitchen countertops, living room table, office desk, and even tiles on a bathroom (would probably be nice with access from the backside). 
They include a decal to use on the surface, but also an engraving template. Would be so nice to route it in our living room table, and maybe control volume or channels etc. on TV. With Homey it would probably be possible to create conditions for what the buttons should do at certain situations.

I'm considering purchasing this ASAP, I only have to see if I can man up to route our $1500 value oak table (which we bought at a outlet for $300...). With a good routing template, it should be possible. Decals aren't as easy because the table needs to be oiled and sanded at times. 

Any thoughts? 
Is it only for their own closed system?


  • loxone is a knx based smarthome system. Athom said at the last meeting they are making a connection to knx. i sold my old somfy rts845 transmitter to someone using loxone in his house
  • xAPPOxAPPO Member
    Actually Loxone isn’t KNX based, or even KNX focussed ... but it does support it.
  • Very interesting. I would love to see this supported by Homey. But I haven't actually seen this product in use anywhere, maybe it needs to really hit the market first. 

  • I wanted to bring this up again. You mention KNX regarding loxone, but I thought that was a wired system?
    As this product communicates with 868MHz, isn't there any possibility of Homey supporting it directly with an app?
  • JPe said:
    Yeah, I got a mail just after I posted. 
    But is Loxone Air KNX? Isn’t there a way to address the Touch directly as it is 868MHz? 
    I thought KNX was wired only?
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