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Ring Doorbell

vaderagvaderag Member
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Search is not showing me an official app thread for this, but hopefully I'm not duplicating
App by @DennieDeGroot is here:

I'd like to ask a question about this... is is possible for Homey to take over the motion notifications for Ring?
e.g. I'd like to turn off Ring app notifications for motion detection yet still get the (reduced distance) motion alarm via a homey notification

This would allow me to set periods where I get them (e.g. when my alarm is set) rather than getting them all the time

My assumption is that disabling motion alarms in the Ring app will disable them all together, but hoping I might be wrong :)


  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited March 2018
    Well for starters: This is not an official [APP] topic so topic title is incorrect. Title edited alr.
    2nd: There is a topic about the Ring alr.
    3th: Am gonna close this topic for the reasons stated above.
    If u have any problems with that feel free to contact me.
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