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First impressions


Want to tell me a little about my first impression of Homey.

Before I have used Home Assistant, but when we get children I do not have as much time to wrestle with YAML, etc.

Have used my Homey for almost a week, these are the units I have

- 7 Smart Plugs (Fibaro and some no name)
- 12 Z Wave Switches (Qubino, FIbaro Dimmer 1, Fibaro Dimmer 2)
- 3 Multi sensors
- 1 Xiaomi body sensor (Waiting on the update)
- 1 MQTT doorbell
- 3 Hikvison Cameras
- 2 Foscam camers
- 2 "Blink Cameras
And some more stuff i havent included yet

My impressions:
- Very easy to do Flows
- All units included without major problems
- Easy for everyone in the family to use Homey
- The controller looks good
- Simple with Heimdal to create a home alarm
- Homey can give notifications by voice (Love this)
- Notifications for mobile apps work well
- Xiaomi LED Strips works very well
- Much easier to configure parameters in the devices. (Then Home Assistant and Vera Edge)
- This forum and the Facebook groups are really helpful

I love how easy it is to just make a Flow that works, If someone in the family want a lamp to turn on / off when X happends, it's easy to just make a flow. Insted of writeing 10 rows of code, restart Home Assistant, a typo, restart ...

What i hope will work better soon:
- The mobile app takes forever to start
- When motion is detected by a Smart sensor, it takes 2-3 seconds before the lamp turn
- Some keypad.
- Support for Efergy.
- When running a flow that turns off like 12 lamps, it should be faster.

Otherwise im very very happy with the Homey, the small things that could be better im sure that Athom will fix in soon, and none of them are deal breakers.  Keep up the good work!

BTW, i just did install another Fibaro Dimmer 2, took me like 5 mins to include it, put it in the flows, and configure it fot toggle button.


  • Great <3

    - The mobile app takes forever to start
    This is the normal Homey app, not the beta? I can't say it takes a long time for me? But Athom is working on a new app very hard.
    - When motion is detected by a Smart sensor, it takes 2-3 seconds before the lamp turn
    If you let the signal go through Homey it may take some but depends on the kind of device etc etc. If you have Zwave-devices you can bypass Homey by creating direct associations.
    - Some keypad.
    There are one of more keypads working with Homey but the experiences are not that good. If you look at you see an keypad in development. For other jeypads, you might have to write an app yourself.
    - Support for Efergy.
    You could write an app yourself or find someone to do it for you? Also you can file an issue on Github for it so Athom can do it but I'm guessing it will be low on their priority-list...
    - When running a flow that turns off like 12 lamps, it should be faster.
    See above, if you use direct associations it will be faster. But all depends on the quality of your signals in home (and other things).

  • @bvdbos

    thansks for your answare.

    im useing the normal app, i did sign up for the beta but i have not recived it yet. Not a deal breaker anyway, I only use the app when turning on the alarm. 

    How do I do direct associations ? Do you know if there is any kind of guide?
    The signal should be very fine, when i turn it on or off with the app its fast.

    Im gonna try to build in a MQTT alarm panel that i made out of a Pi. But have not had the time yet, so maybe this summer. I also have a Zipato keypad im waiting for a app in appstore.

    Yes maybe, i will look into writeing a app for it, right now we are just a couple of days away from our first kid, so the most of the time goes to get ready for that.
  • JPeJPe Member
    edited March 2018
    to switch off many devices at ones, you could look into
    and the examples on this forum for that app.
  • I would like to know too how to create direct associations :)
  • Try the search on the forum.
    This is popping up when using the search function.
  • Allright, i did put this settings on the Multisensor. I also did power the Multisensor insted of batteries.
    I dont notice any different.  Im i doing it right?

    46 is the ID of the dimmer.

  • Well, something i did worong, cause it became even slower. Now maybe 4-5 sec before light turnes on.
  • Try the 46 in group 2
  • Try the 46 in group 2
    How do I add a group 2 ? I only have group 1
  • Oeps
  • JPeJPe Member
    probably you need to exclude - include after you changed from battery to power?
  • I did that, no change in groups
  • Thanx for sharing :)
  • HannahhHannahh Member
    edited May 2018
    <<Modbreak>>Link deleted by mod 

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