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FLUXO – The World’s First Truly Smart Lamp

Just pledged - could be a far better solution than the Philips Hue bulbs, if Homey can control them? :)

It looks like they have PIR sensors also - if we could access them there would potentially be motion sensors in every room with this light (for alarms as well as occupancy for heating etc).

Or - maybe have music following you around the house!


  • Bit expensive if you ask me...

  • It seems nice but is realy is expensive... €299 for the super very early bird... "You save €400 from the estimated price". And that ilumination with only LED? I really hope they can make it true...

    I now have 4 GU10 lights from IKEA with 400 lumen each. Fluxo is supposed to have an output of 2800 lumen but with a frosted surface for a better light scatter. I'm really curious if they can do what they promise.

  • Was checking it out the other day as well. Very cool lamp, if a bit pricey. Since it only has Bluetooth and can only be controlled through the app I was wondering how Homey could get access to it. They are looking into making it accessible through smart home hubs, let's see how that evolves. I suppose it could recall stored scenes at best.....

  • It only has BT?? I don't get that, why do so many devices only have BT? Like a lot of smart locks... Useless...

  • StefanStefan Administrator, Athom
    Hi Guys,
    As you might have seen on the Fluxo Kickstarter update, we are working with them on an integration in Homey!

    Note that is remains BLE though, so preferably keep Fluxo and Homey in the same room.
  • Fantastic news! I already backed the Fluxo a couple of weeks ago.
  • i allso backed fluxo a couple of weeks ago :-)
    +1 for integration with homey
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