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[BUG][1.5.6] Change name (New) Zone does not work [workaround available][Updated for 2nd BUG]

GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
edited March 2018 in Questions & Help

UPDATE: Good news, IT IS fixed in the next Firmware release 1.5.7!  And that is in Experimental already!
Probably will be in the  Stable channel very SOON(tm)
dd: 20180226

If you try to change the name of a Zone and Refresh the App / Browser you see the Rename id not work. 
This also happens if you create a new Zone, it always creates a zone "New Zone"  and changing doesn't work. 
Also changing the Icon of a Zone or moving in the hierarchy doesn't work, only deleting a Zone works at this moment.

You experience this issue when you upgrade to the (currently) Experimental version 1.5.6
The newest production of Homeys is delivered with the 1.5.6 version as Stable and has the same Issue.

Good news, it will be fixed in the next Firmware release 1.5.7! I created a Workaround in HomeyScript to create a custom named zone in the root (Home) or a sub-zone. Changing or setting the icon and place still doesn't work. Wait for the next version to fix that! The script is described here: for a plain text version open myGitHubVersion

Step by step for who is New with Homey/HomeyScript:
  1. Go to the App store, login and install HomeyScript on your Homey.
  2. Go to login to Athom and Select your Homey (Right Top)
  3. Create a new Script (Left-bottom) and name it something usefull. Remove the first line ( // my script )
  4. open in another browser Tab myGitHubVersion Select all (Ctrl-A) and Copy (Ctrl-C)
  5. Go back to your HomeyScript and paste (Ctrl-v). You should have 100 lines !
  6. Edit the lines after the comments en fill in your "Awesome Zone Name" and the Zone where to create the new Zone in.
  7. Press [ Save & Test ]
Refresh your Homey (desktop) App or browser to view your new zone!

Congratulations with your first HomeyScript experience ;-)

If it didn't work, you probably didn't give the correct base zone name.

 Look at the output!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ List of Icon names ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-
["bed","books","default","garden","home","kitchen","living","roof","shower","stairs-down","stairs-up","toilet"] -=-=-=-=-=-=-[ List of Zones and IDs ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Home : 9919ee1e-***
Basement : 37782dac-***
First floor : b840a982-***
Bedroom : ddc3cdaa-***
My Awesome Zone : a4876bb9-0f3a-4711-a388-3d7b28b8f34c No newBaseZoneID, Zone not Created! Pls Fix!
The line let BaseZone = should follow one of your existing level 1 or 2 zones ('Home' , 'Basement' , 'First floor' ) but not 3rd level ('Bedroom' ) Try again and if it works you get something like:
-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ Creating Zone:"My Awesome Zone" ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Zone Created! {"id":"073b3496-*","name":"My Awesome Zone","icon":"default","index":6,"parent":"9919ee1e-*"}

Enjoy your Homey time!!! Regards The Homey Community!
PS: I will close all related Questions about this (as everything about it is said.) and Link them to this post. If you have problems with that send your question to Athom or PM a moderator. Please post Any other questions for help with this here or on Slack.


  • For your info,
    this is not a by  Athom provided solution!
    This is just a workaround provided by me, a scriptaholic from the community.

    If you don't want to script just wait for Athom to release 1.5.7  
  • There is a second, related bug reported in 1.5.7
    On 1.5.7, after renaming Zones, Still old names in Flow menu #2286

    It only happens for devices that exist in a zone before you rename the zone! 

    If you experience this bug: 
    Workaround 1: 
    - Create a new Zone with the correct name and move all Devices to the new Zone.
    - Remove the empty old renamed zone with that same name (or you have to  move all devices twice)

    Workaround 2: (This is NOT a Athom provided solution!!! )
    If you are familiar with HomeyScript...
    And have a lot of Devices in Zone's you renamed recently so you don't like moving them by hand....
    Create a new Script 
    Copy it here:
    Press [ Save & Test ]
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