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KAKU flow jamming

I'm totally stuck with a flow i made. When the flow starts it should turn off all the lights, this at the moment a bunch of HUE, 1 fibaro socket and 2 KAKU switches. The HUE and fibaro work 10/10, the kaku works, sometimes. Most of the time the HUE and fibaro respond instant, i'll not talk about them again, they are just there in the flow. The KAKU devices turn of about 2-3 minutes after the flow started, and sometimes 1 of them fails to respond at all. 

The odd thing is that if i use the same flow but start it as a test it works just fine. At first i thought it was too much for homey to handle at 1 time so i split it up in multiple ways, i tried amongst others:
Kaku 1 off ----- 5 seconds delay ---- kaku 2 off ----5 seconds ---- everything else.    Ends up with everyting else goes of
kaku 1 + 2 off, 10 seconds delay, everything off, Ends up with everyting else goes of
everything else, 15 seconds delay, Kaku 1, 5 seconds, kaku 2, Ends up with everyting else goes of
tried removing kaku out of the flow, but triggering a 120 seconds countdown. Everything goes off, countdown goes, countdown stops and should turn kaku off, nothing. (again after minutes)

To make it more odd, sometimes but not all times, in the app the slider does move to the off position but the real switching off is only done about 2 to 3 minutes later. In the meanwhile all manual commands through the app seems to stack up. As soon as things start running again the light goes into full disco mode. 

I use the same 2 kaku modules in other flows. 1 in the hallway controlled by a kaku motion sensor, one in the garage controlled by a coolcam doorsensor. Those flows work 10/10.

In the meantime, the whole house is set to light up on certain events. This include the turning on off the hall and garage KAKU modules, wich also works 10/10. 

Manually through the app i tried to stress out the KAKU modules by switching on/off / dimming as much as i can but then the modules seem to be great sportsman an keeps up without effort. 

In the end the only thing that seems to jam up is the turning off multiple kaku's in a flow, even if split apart by timing. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone got a bright idea about what's going on?
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